Facilitating DA Approvals

DEG has been able to assist carriers and councils by establishing the need for a new carrier site to be approved.

New mobile carrier sites can cause significant emotion amongst the community. Often new site proposals appear for the community as a development application and this raises concerns regarding visual amenity etc.

To assist with the validation of the need for a new site, DEG can undertake testing of the signal strength in the area to be benefited for all three carriers. Together with mobile broadband performance testing and time series testing, the completed short report highlights how the new site will increase coverage and benefit the community.

This new information often assists assessment staff, executive and Councillors to understand the benefits in terms of coverage, business benefits and disaster management outcomes at the time they are required to vote on the proposal.

Each situation and time frame is different, however undertaking this work can be done relatively quickly and with short notice. The testing can now be completed by DEG staff or by a client using our equipment through agreement.

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