Frequently Asked Questions 

Why has the survey closed?

The survey opened in July 2014 and was originally only to be open for 3 weeks to 15 August. In response to requests from local councils and the community, we extended the survey to the 19th of September 2014. This is the last possible day we could receive survey responses to and complete the reports on time. The survey responses are now being collated into the final project report.

What happens after I register a blackspot location?

Shortly after you lodge your survey submission you should receive an email thanking you for your time and contributing to the project. Within approximately one business day surveys are moderated and the results of your survey submission published to the website. We have endeavoured to minimise the identification of individual locations by increasing the size of the pin used on the map or located the pin in the road reserve rather than on a specific property.

What about my personal information? How will you maintain my privacy?

Both RDA Loddon Mallee and Digital Economy Group are committed to maintaining your privacy. The information provided by individuals and businesses will only be used by RDA Loddon Mallee and Digital Economy Group during the course of the project. We will not share, sell or release the individual information to any other party.

The survey asked for information about the carrier. Why do you need this information? By providing the information about the carrier we are more accurately able to determine whether a location is a blackspot for just one carrier or all three carriers. This is important to help us determine where there are priority areas for improvement, which carriers to approach, and where State, Commonwealth and carrier funding should be prioritised.

How many carrier networks are there in Australia? Individuals and businesses can access mobile networks through many different carriers and resellers however, there are only three carrier networks in Australia. They are operated by Telstra, Optus and Vodafone.

Why do you need to know whether it is a tablet or a phone that I am using? We are asking for information about the device that you are using because that will help influence the quality of signal you can achieve and it will also help us understand the strengths and weaknesses of different types of devices across the Loddon Mallee region.

How will information collected be used?

The locations that are added to the map within the Loddon Mallee region will be used to help inform where testing is undertaken. RDA Loddon Mallee undertake not to release any personal information beyond the publication of a pin or pins representing those locations that you have identified as being where there is no service or poor service within the region.

Who is running the project? Digital Economy Group (DEG) is undertaking independent testing of mobile phone and mobile Internet coverage in the Loddon Mallee region for RDA Loddon Mallee.

What is the purpose of the project? Telecommunications is a Commonwealth Government responsibility. The purpose of the project is to independently test and confirm anecdotal evidence that there are significant areas of poor or no mobile phone coverage or mobile Internet coverage in the Loddon Mallee region. The testing we are doing for the Loddon Mallee region will assist in the identification of priority locations for that funding program and to identify other ways that the three major carriers can increase their investment within the region.

Will every site added to this survey be independently tested? The project is unlikely to be able to test every location where a survey result identifies a blackspot. The project team have to balance time and resources to ensure that the highest number of sites are tested/ and those that aren’t against the coverage characteristics of the locality. With your survey responses we can ensure that the testing is more closely aligned with those priority areas rather than where coverage currently exists.

The area I want to register is outside of the Loddon Mallee region. How can I have my location registered as a Blackspot?

This project is funded by RDA Loddon Mallee and focussed on the Loddon Mallee region. We encourage you to nominate your location on the following website http://www.communications.gov.au/mobile_services/mobile_black_spot_progr.... You may also choose to let your local Council know that you would like testing completed in your area by Digital Economy Group.