Digital Economy Group have developed the independent testing system into a range of products and tools to suit your circumstances.

Whether you are seeking to reduce blackspots in your region, ensure your WiFi networks are matching contract performance standards or simply want to evaluate your company's cloud connectivity rating, we can help you.

GoMobile Network Test is used to independently test and highlight locations where a carrier network has:

  1. Blackspots (text, mobile calls and internet coverage)
  2. Test mobile internet connectivity - Download, Upload and Latency
  3. Test 4G LTE network performance (currently in beta testing)
  4. Test 4G+ Advance LTE network performance (coming soon)

GoMobile WiFi is used to independently test and evaluate WiFi contract compliance or assess suitability for digital productivity.

GoMobile Fixed Network (to be released shortly) will provide independent testing and identify steps to improve the current network performance at client locations

What is GoMobile used for?