GoMobile Uses

GoMobile customers use our testing system in many diferent ways. From facilitating new infrastructutre for thier regions to understanding the gap between their contract and quality of serivce, there is something for every one. Just checkout the following scenarios:

Independent Mobile Black Spot Identification
Testing using a proven independent assessment tool provides community organisations with the information they need to seek government and carrier investment. You might now have mobile phone coverage but is your region on the wrong side of the digital divide. Use the independent testing tool - GoMobile to inform your advocacy plans.
Mobile Coverage Advocacy
Do you constantly manage business and community complaints that mobile coverage (for calls, internet or broadband). Are the politicians in your area looking for a tool to empower your regions advocacy with carriers, state governments and the Commonwealth department of Communications?
Cloud Connectivity Assessment
Are you advising clients to implement a digital first strategy but they have areas of non coverage in their customer service area? Use GoMobile Network Test to assess current mobile coverage and select the best carrier for your needs.
Remote VPN on Mobile
Do you have customers outside of the DSL network who need to connect to a VPN for remote working? Or do you  a local computer store and need a tool to graphically show your clients the quality of the Mobile networks in a particular location? GoMobile is for you.
Planning Assessment - New Mobile Sites
Does your organisation assess new mobile carrier sites and you want to evaluate the need for a new tower?
Arrange for Digital Economy Group to test the proposed coverage area and prepare an independent report demonstrating extent of existing coverage or black spots in your area.
Improve E-Health Delivery
Do you have patients that could have a e-health service delivered if they had reliable mobile internet coverage? Arrange for a test and report or complete the testing yourself.
Agricultural system efficiency
Do you have expensive farm machinery that cannot upload performance data due to a lack of mobile connectivity? Farm productivity is now requiring GPS mobile and satellite connectivity to connect your sensors, control your autonomous vehicles and other Machine to Machine. By testing independently using the GoMobile system, you can identify where the gaps are and plan infrastructure deployments with carriers or neighbouring farms.
WiFi Testing
Do you manage a WiFi network and want to be able to independently assess the user experience?
GoMobile WiFi users capture signal strength and network performance on a GPS enabled device then review the performance through the portal.
  • Use repeated tests to ensure your provider is meeting or exceeding contract requirements
  • Looking to evaluate the performance of a new Access point or other hardware?
  • Test alternative open WIFi network to benchmark available internet access in that location
Smart City applications
Are you managing the deployment of sensors across your region? If you are planning on using 3G and 4G enabled monitoring stations and responders, it may pay to use the GoMobile Network Testing system to evaluate the options for the most cost effective connectivity plan.