Network Performance

The testing team will meet with the local project team to prioritise the detailed Network Performance Tests. For each area we plan the testing to refect your local knowledge. Often, we collect 50 Network Performance Tests for each of the 3 devices will then be completed in locations to confirm areas that have indicated poor signal strength.

Network Performance Tests are based on the speed test methodology ( and capture the ping or latency, download speed and upload speed. What the independent broadband testing model does is it captures this information and the geocode and represents this information spatially and in a tabular format.

These tests are sited to evaluate the performance of specific Carrier sites and where possible also test spectrum performance.

The Network Performance Tests (NPT) are completed to validate the MST results and to challenge the carrier network with download, upload and network response time. This test methodology reflects a real world scenario for a user, downloading a 2MB item and uploading a 500kB item. Both tests are aggregated into a score as seen in Table 1 below.


The Network Performance and Time Series Test results represented on the map as per the pins shown above. As with the signal strength pins, the Blue, Red and Yellow stars represent Telstra, Vodafone and Optus. The result on the left is black to represent a blackspot. The remaining pins from 1-15 reflect the score extracted from the table above for ping (latency), Download and Upload. To assist in separating the pins, the ping result shows two horizontal arrows, the download pin is represented by an arrow pointing down and the upload pin has an arrow pointing upwards.

Tests are re-run in locations where the result is incongruous with the coverage maps. In the result validation stage some results are removed to ensure a clean and accurate set of results are presented. As a result there is not always an equal number of test results.

The following table provides an example of how the Network Performance Tests are translated into an assessment format with recommendations on how the network can be improved in those particular locations.