New Zealand Report

New Zealand North Island Summary Report

In early 2015, Digital Economy Group visited the North Island of New Zealand to undertake independent mobile tesitng of the three carriers. Over 5 days we drove 1,173 kms and collected over 70,000 sample test results.

The extent of mobile network blackspots is highlighted in the image to the right showing (in a fine blue green colour) the roads tested and (using a combination of colours) the locations where the mobile networks had areas of non coverage.

A brief report showing the results is available for download. Communities seeking to advocate for greater mobile coverage, capacity and competitive services are now able to independently test their own region using the GoMobile Netowrk Test application by Digital Economy Group.

You can choose where testing is done and using local knowledge and anecedotal information as a base, prepare a strong business case for increased investment by carriers.

The table below shows the corresponding distances for non coverage by each of the three carriers over the sample 1,173 kms we tested. Imagine the areas you could highlight with local knowledge.  







Would you like to have a 2 week trial of GoMobile?  

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to Google Play Store
  2. Search for GoMobile Network Test and download onto your Android phone (See sign in screen below)
  3. Once installed, you can register for free and begin using immediately for up to 2 weeks
  4. Test results are automatically uploaded to the GoMobile portal. Log in via a browser to review your test results or review the test results as they are generated by your team in the field (see portal screen capture below).

GoMobile Network Test sign in screen