Time Series

Time Series Network Performance

We test the network performance (latency, download and upload) in a time series to show the strengths and weakness of the network over time. The main test duration is 10X and this is then graphed to show Telstra, Optus and Vodafone networks. In the graph to the right we also tested a 3G device against the standard 4G device We then use the graph to assess the carrier network performance over time against what their network is expected to achieve in that location. This information gives our client valuable insights and removes the argument that the network performance tests are just one test at one point in time. A sample of 10 Time Series Network Performance tests combined with up to 100 individual Network Performance tests establishes a robust profile of the carrier performance, confirms strengths and highlights weaknesses.


Time Series Network Performance Test - Extended Duration

The second Time Series Network Performance test we use is an extended duration test. The example given below profiles 40 tests over 4 hours. 10 tests per hour at 6 minute intervals typically from within a building to reflect a typical user experience. Recent testing in urban locations from 6PM to 10PM has characterised the pressure on the network in the evening. Repeating Network Performance tests in a series provides a vigorous interrogation of the network. Each link in the chain connection to the internet is put under pressure. The stronger the network the better the results and weaker networks reveal high variations in results. Existing clients have sought this form of testing to measure anecdotal evidence from their communities that congestion on the network results in a reduced user experience. This form of testing is an additional service to our standard testing package.